Belated Darwin Day post

This is a wonderful Kiwi short story I read over the Christmas break. Darwin visited Paihia and Waimate in his voyage aboard the Beagle. This lively tale shows a schoolboy’s perspective of evolution and history. Books: Waimate by Dave Armstrong | New Zealand Listener “At Waimate there are three large houses, where the missionary gentlemen, […]

Financial Acronyms, with Diagrams

From comments at DailyKos: Teeny-tiny blue bar = subprime loans Red bar = derivatives Green bar = ECONOMY OF THE ENTIRE FRIKKIN’ WORLD The banks have failed, and cannot possibly turn themselves around with any amount of capital injection.. CDO : collateralized debt obligation SEC: Securities Exchange Commission FDIC: Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation FUBAR: the […]

Tragedy of Western materialism

Unquestionably, science and technology have brought unprecedented wealth and luxury to our civilization, but “progress” has a heavy price: spiritually, socially, ecologically. 9/11 was a powerful symbol heralding a sea change in the machinations of Wall Street and a realignment of the global economy. Some luminous thinkers have beautifully expressed their thoughts about the downside […]