RE: Hindu Samaritans

  • Imagine if this concept penetrated, completely, all the religions of the world; if religion wasn't about competition between gods slugged out by mortals, but about mutual uplift of each other and solidarity with the poor and oppressed.

    Not to say that all religions are more alike than they are similar, though some certainly are. Not to say that those differences aren't important or constitutive to all religions either.

    But it is to say that in spite of those differences there remains a way, an imperative even, to lay down the weapons of spiritual warfare and join hands in the love of neighbor, to feed the hungry, comfort the sick, shelter the homeless and orphaned, to empower the repressed and downtrodden.

    To divest our own power — spiritual, national, economic and personal — and invest in the oppressed.

    A world such as ours demands it.

    (tags: faith)

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