Fundamentalist consumerism, Great mysteries

  • Fundamentalists reject both reason and experience. Fundamentalists are attached to dogma and if their dogma fails, they don’t give it up, but instead resolve to deepen their faith and double down on their dogma.

    Erich Fromm, 54 years ago, concluded: “Man [sic] today is confronted with the most fundamental choice; not that between Capitalism or Communism, but that between robotism (of both the capitalist and the communist variety), or Humanistic Communitarian Socialism. Most facts seem to indicate that he is choosing robotism and that means, in the long run, insanity and destruction. But all these facts are not strong enough to destroy faith in man’s reason, good will, and sanity. As long as we can think of other alternatives, we are not lost.”

    Breaking free of fundamentalist consumerism means thinking of alternatives and it also means an active defiance: choosing to experience the various dimensions of life that have been excluded by the dogma.

  • Even today, there are scientific phenomena that defy explanation. If history is anything to go by, resolving these anomalies could lead to a great leap forward, so what are the greatest mysteries, and what scientific revolutions might they bring?

    1 The missing universe. 2 Life. 3 Death. 4 Sex. 5 Free will.

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4 thoughts on “Fundamentalist consumerism, Great mysteries

  1. Robotism… i love it. I think that this is a unique way of putting out there that we eventually will become the technology that we so love. Younger kids in the late teens have relationships with their personal technologies – 30’s like myself have a love-hate marriage with our technology. Soon it will be pervasive and everyone will be required to use it or lose it. I am afraid it is too late for your revolution. Might as well suit up join the empire because this is no fairy tail jedi movie.

  2. Actually I have hope that through the current global financial turmoil we will see a cultural shift in Western values. The commercialism and greed that pervades our culture is about to hit the wall. Some things are sacred, and must not be commoditised.

  3. It’s possible. The money-go-round will grind to a halt if the US dollar collapses. There will be an outbreak of sharing with family and friends when glamorous careers become unsustainable. Some news outlets say we are approaching a crisis worse than 1929…!

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