RE: Marketplace morals & Meekness

  • After 1984, the rationality of the marketplace would prevail. It didn't work. Instead, society "lost cohesion and continuity …. industries closed, communities withered, people moved out of employment, change has been so constant that many people are disoriented. People wander through life relating to no social group wider than the family, and often not even that" (Jesson, 1999, p. 211). Expatriate New Zealanders (like the author) noticed how, despite extraordinary accomplishments in many fields, the post 1984 neo-liberal rendering of globalisation eroded confidence.
  • We live amongst a people who see themselves as Nietzschean supermen. They strut, swagger, and lord it over others. They despise the weak and the down trodden. Their voices are like brazen trumpets. Their deeds are fell and hard. They forficate humanity into “us” and “them” and despise the latter.

    But neither the earth, nor humanity belongs to them. In their dividing they shall not conquer. Christ alone has conquered through meek obedience to the Father, and has inherited all the lands of earth—all that is in them and upon them. We, His followers, walk in His train and summon all who will to share in His inheritance. Bit by bit the Kingdom comes and the curse removed.

    (tags: gospel)

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