Beds are Burning in Australia

According to Poneke and Adolf, the Greens in Australia are making tasteless political mileage out of the tragic fires in the state of Victoria.

We know that Peter Garrett, the author and singer of Midnight Oil song “Beds are Burning” is now Australia’s Environment Minister. Adolf says Garrett was “gloating” about the fires because he’s a mad Greenie!? But no news outlet reports Garrett saying anything at all about the fires. Nor is Garrett a Green as Adolf claims, he’s Labor (and we wonder why bloggers are not part of the MSM).

For once I agree with Russell Brown. The IPCC makes quite conservative judgements on these matters ~ the preponderance of evidence confirms the AGW scenario. As to the tone of the first article Poneke mentioned, far from gloating over the wildfires, it was more of a sober warning and lament.

It seems weird that people are trying to blame the messenger (environmentalists) rather than face the issues raised.

A related controversy was sparked by the more common variety of fundamentalist (a fringe evangelist). Danny Nalliah was mentioned here and here, saying that the fires were “divine retribution”. Although perhaps a bit of fundy myself I found Nalliah’s comments insulting, completely lacking humanity, and a rather strange way of representing the love of Christ (1 John 4; 1 Corinthians 13).

Some churches are actually trying to help, not making snide remarks. My prayers are also with our mates in Oz.0211-bushfire-mass

UPDATE: NZConservative have also written a fine critique of both Nalliah and Climate Change proponents.


5 thoughts on “Beds are Burning in Australia

  1. Thanks for the nod.

    I’ve come to realise that when you care passionately about an issue, whether it is the threat of terrorism, abortion, or AGW (three popular causes), then you are going to see connections where others may not, and you are going to want to speak out.

    That’s fine, we can’t be telling people not to speak their mind, and many of us don’t bother listening unless it also suits our purpose.

    I think though the idea of learning to hold back and pause before speaking, to wonder how others will receive the information and therefore the timing of the comment becomes important.

    I say this, because I see such a problem in the way I communicate sometimes. Most of the time, I’m thinking about what I want to say, and not the state of mind others may be in.

    Prudence, Patience and Temperance.

    I think I really wrote that post for me, as a reminder of what I need to concentrate on. It didn’t have as much to do with the Forest Fires as I first thought :-).

    But that’s OK, because some people listening still got something out of it for themselves.

  2. hi Zen,
    I appreciated your comments about doomsayers of both Christian and Green varieties seeking a platform. However the articles relating AGW to the Victoria bushfires were a lot more sober and respectful than Poneke made out. There’s no real comparison between the IPCC and a lone evangelist who does not represent anybody but his own ‘ministry’.

  3. Don’t disagree with that. Besides, I’ve hunted out my own lone evangelist Greenies :-).

    Green religion aside, there are serious issues we face with fresh water, overfishing, intensive farming, pesticide and chemical use and deforestation.

    It’s about time all across the political and philosophical spectrum find some common ground and do what we can. Although, having said that, there are a lot of advances even as we take note of the backward steps.

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