A Resignation and a Redirection

As my life is reorienting significantly, so this blog has also changed its template and its subject matter. I may disclose some other, more personal stuff. As I wrote on Facebook it feels weird to finally resign — 7 years is a huge chunk of my life. Here’s my last email.

From: Papesch, Robert
Sent: Friday, 27 February 2009 15:34
To: NZ – Christchurch
Subject: Goodbye comrades!

Thanks to everyone at HP (ex Compaq) for being a huge part of my life for the last 7+ years.
I started at 144 Kilmore Street in the “asylum” – crammed in a meeting room because the Vodafone team was ramping up and running out of space. I sat next to Sally whose laughter still echoes in my skull!
There were some excellent team-building missions – Kaikoura, Akaroa, Amazing Maze, Go Karts
And social events – Rugby World Cup 2003 (best forgotten), Fridays at the Vic and Whale
Some cool projects with their own unique challenges were Mediation/Assembly, Rating and Billing, Program Sam.
The most challenging & satisfying project was “Frodo” – a pretty high-profile effort for Vodafone. HP developed from scratch, a high-performance webservice for Vodafone’s Prepay charging platform. I did a lot of performance testing and analysis.
Then we moved into Prepay Support and I somehow evolved into the “Tester/Toolsmith” role, which I really enjoyed.
Also the GLS project at SSC was very cool.

I have learned a lot here about work, technology, people, and life.
My sincere best wishes to everybody and may your future hold many good things.

Robert Papesch | Software Test Analyst –> hobo | Technology Solutions Group | Hewlett-Packard New Zealand

it’s freaky man but i had to do it – – got to get into a new possibility space – – discard the existing paradigms – – unleash some creativity by introducing randomness – – i.e. try some different shit 🙂


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