Taming a Beast called UNIX

The year was 1988. Voices hushed in trepidation, the apprentices gathered in a dingy corner of the Engineering building. In the undergraduate computer lab we assembled to offer sacrifices to the mainframe, hunched over the fading amber or green glow of hesitant dumb terminals, all connected to the mighty UNIX (VAX/VMS) mainframe. Poor first year […]

RE: Darwin & The Deity

Faith and Theology: Ten propositions on Darwin and the deity Should it be of concern to Christians that Darwin was never more than a nominal believer? – well, are you concerned whether your surgeon, mechanic, or hair stylist goes to church? Of course not. Your only concern is that she wields a scalpel, wrench, or […]

USA is going crazy.

Rick Santelli vented a forceful and furious rant against Obama’s multi-trillion stimulus package — many people suspect it will only cause further distortions in a deeply troubled economy, and the only realistic solution is to let people suffer the consequences of vast overspending. Anything else is just an attempt to defy the law of gravity. […]