RE: Darwin & The Deity

  • Should it be of concern to Christians that Darwin was never more than a nominal believer? – well, are you concerned whether your surgeon, mechanic, or hair stylist goes to church? Of course not. Your only concern is that she wields a scalpel, wrench, or scissors with know-how and dexterity. So too with a scientist: one’s only concern should be that he is an honest and skilled practitioner of his craft. And Darwin wasn’t just an able and meticulous biologist, he was a bloody genius. If his theory of evolution by natural selection is the best theory in town that explains the evidence (palaeontological, morphological, genetic) – and it is – deal with it. Of course refute it on empirical grounds if you can, but don’t rubbish it because you don’t like its theological or moral implications, or because you have a political agenda. Fight science with science – not with the pseudo-science of creationism or the bad science of ID (not to mention the bad theology of both).

2 thoughts on “RE: Darwin & The Deity

  1. Interestingly I’m working my way through a book on Darwin, who I would describe as a humanist, more than an outright atheist. I think he may well have described himself as agnostic at one point. His wife was a hard-core C of E, but from my reading any beliefs in an interventionist God were probably eradicated with the loss of his beloved daughter, an event that haunted him his whole life. Interesting subject, well deserving an airing. In-fact I think I’ll expand on this further on my own blog at some stage. Well done. Paul.

  2. Yep the subject needs to be laid to rest. Theistic evolution is slowly becoming more widely accepted by educated Christians, but there remains a lot of fear and anti-science sentiment. I think bloggers have helped with alternative perspectives in a highly polarized, politicized and sometimes dishonest debate.

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