RIP Stanley Jaki ~ Scholar and Gentleman

Stanley L. Jaki, OSB was a Benedictine priest and Distinguished Professor of Physics at Seton Hall University, New Jersey since 1975.

Jaki has been an intellectual hero of mine for a long time, I have owned “Science and Creation” for 10 years and explored its riches numerous times. It’s a revelatory book, which gives the reader a feel for the great sweep of religious traditions around the world, and is a brilliant introduction to the development of human thought since history began..

  • The Rev. Stanley L. Jaki, a physicist and theologian whose prolific writings parsed the histories of science and religion and the intertwining of faith and reason, died on Tuesday in Madrid, where he had traveled from Rome after delivering a lecture. He was 84 and lived in Princeton, N.J.

    Father Jaki held doctoral degrees in physics and theology. A relentless scholar, he wrote more than 40 books, including studies of the religious thinking of G. K. Chesterton, the works of the French physicist and historian of science Pierre Duhem and the life of Cardinal John Henry Newman, the 19th-century theologian who famously converted from Anglicanism to Roman Catholicism.

    He is probably best known, however, for works like “Science and Creation” (1974), in which he argued that the scientific enterprise did not become viable and self-sustaining until its incarnation in Christian medieval Europe, and that the advancement of science was indebted to the Christian understanding of creation.

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