links for 2009-06-29

  • Earlier this week a fossil Darwinus masillae (nick-named “Ida”) created a bit of a stir and sent creationist websites into deny-everything-about-everything mode. The media has also been pretty unhelpful with it’s “missing-link” labeling and over-hyped rhetoric […] Ida is NOT: * THE missing link. (Every fossil is transitional in some way; Ida is one link in a very long evolutionary chain.)
    * The only example we have of a transitional fossil. (There are so many … to store and categorise)
    * An example of scientists trying to deceive you.
    * A much needed piece of evidence for the theory. (There’s a mountain of evidence that overwhelmingly supports evolution by natural selection. We don’t even need fossils due to: vestigial organs, embryology, morphological similarities, genomic similarities, observable evolution of micro-organisms and virtually every other discovery in biology over the 150 years.)
    * The work of Satan (!)
    (tags: evolution)

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