Oracle: Reset DATE to Epoch but not TIME

I needed a date string in the format: “1900-01-01 ” concatenated with the current TIME (less 1 hour) eg. current sysdate: “2009-08-31 14:42:14” date required: “1900-01-01 13:42:14” Firstly, the current time less 1 hour: Now, grab the TIME part of the above result Now, Join the Epoch date to the above: Convert the whole thing […]

Kids should not live in fear.

Kids should not live in fear of the people who they love and trust most in the world. Smacking is a violation of that trust and can lead to all sorts of insecurity and possible psychological damage. Surely there’s a better way of parenting. I believe the NO vote (pro-smacking) is just a reaction to […]

RE: Command-Line Coolness

“Open PowerShell Here” | It is possible to modify the registry or more simply to execute registry scripts to open other shells than the default Command Prompt. Here are a couple of examples: –Services For Unix Korn Shell –Services For Unix Bash –Cygwin Bash –PowerShell (tags: geek)

RE: On Strength

On strength / from a working library William James once remarked that those who are concerned with making the world more healthy had best start with themselves. We could go farther and point out that finding the center of strength within ourselves is in the long run the best contribution we can make to our […]