WSJ prints Dawkins’ usual blend of scientism and utter misapprehension of theology

Through a Glass Darkly » Man vs. God? The Wall Street Journal on Faith vs. Science The Wall Street Journal recently featured essays by Richard Dawkins and comparative religion scholar Karen Armstrong titled “Man vs. God: Two Prominent Thinkers Debate Evolution, Science and the Role of Religion.” Dawkins’ contribution was his usual blend of scientism […]

Capitalism goes “Boink”. Michael Moore (filmmaker) is brilliant. Not to be confused with the (not very Hon) Mike Moore, WTO guy

Extract from Variety: Michael Moore’s “Capitalism”: Stirring Outrage from the Left , emphasis added. “Capitalism” is like a sequel to “Roger & Me” in that Moore’s message is that what happened in Flint, Michigan, twenty years ago is now happening across the country: Companies shutting down plants, scaling back wages and laying off workers, all […]

links for 2009-09-14

Philosophical Tales : Martin Cohen : Being an alternative history revealing the characters, the plots, and the hidden scenes that make up the True Story of Philosophy Philosophers are kind-hearted sorts of chaps, willing to help others into “the paragraphs,” but there is still something mad about them, with their “ludicrous stiff solemnity and air […]

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Getting Started with Cygwin – Jamie's Digital Blog Cygwin is a version of the Linux bash shell for Windows. It provides a great way to automatically script operations, and if you’re a fan of the command line then its a great way to navigate your system. However the default Cygwin installation is not very friendly, […]