links for 2009-08-31

  • Cygwin is a version of the Linux bash shell for Windows. It provides a great way to automatically script operations, and if you’re a fan of the command line then its a great way to navigate your system. However the default Cygwin installation is not very friendly, and many features that you’d expect from the Linux command line are not configured by default. The aim of this guide is to describe the actions I take when installing Cygwin from scratch.
    (tags: geek)
  • Whatever one's opinion about abortion, the fact remains that the abortion debate introduced a political polarization that has never been healed and that has turned violent before.

    The fact that otherwise-sane people now believe that United States government is in a conspiracy with the Obama administration to kill our elderly makes sense only when seen in the context of the hysterical, Armageddonlike expectations of the religious right/pro-life movement.

    When you understand the link between the hatemongers, the lobbying groups carrying water for the insurance industry and the ideology that came out of the pro-life movement, then you can you understand what is happening today in town hall meetings that are being disrupted by screaming people. More importantly you can then also see where this might lead.


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