links for 2009-09-14

  • Philosophers are kind-hearted sorts of chaps, willing to help others into “the paragraphs,” but there is still something mad about them, with their “ludicrous stiff solemnity and air of paragraph-importance.” They pity past generations, who lived when the System was presumably not fi nished, and when therefore unbiased objectivity was not yet possible. But when you ask them about the new System they always put you off with the same excuse: “No, it is not yet quite ready. The System is almost fi nished, or at least under construction, and will be fi nished by next Sunday.”
    (Søren Kierkegaard, Postscript)
    (tags: philosophy)
  • Recently, Northcote Baptist Church held a conference called ‘Faithful Science’ that explored themes connected to the relationship between Faith and Science. Most of the speakers were pro-evolution or evolution friendly. This caught the attention of Challenge Weekly and Creation Ministries International NZ (CMI). Challenge Weekly posted an article about the conference that had an obvious bias and titled it “Conference Fuels Controversy”… as if literal six day creation and young earth ideas do not fuel any controversy… some of the letters to the editor that were published following the article were simply sad, pretty much condemning any Christian who would hold to the theory of evolution as being an accurate description of how we got to life as we know it and thus holding to differing theories from the likes of young earth creationists about how the first chapters of Genesis are to be understood.

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