Capitalism goes “Boink”. Michael Moore (filmmaker) is brilliant. Not to be confused with the (not very Hon) Mike Moore, WTO guy

Extract from Variety: Michael Moore’s “Capitalism”: Stirring Outrage from the Left , emphasis added.

“Capitalism” is like a sequel to “Roger & Me” in that Moore’s message is that what happened in Flint, Michigan, twenty years ago is now happening across the country: Companies shutting down plants, scaling back wages and laying off workers, all in the name of higher profits. But this movie has a much larger scope, taking on the notion that capitalism was never enshrined in the Constitution, but was sold to us as the best possible system. In making his point he turns not just to workers who’ve been left behind, but to Catholic priests and bishops, who preach of capitalism as no less than evil.

The biggest targets are Wall Street firms, as Moore resorts to trying to make a citizen’s arrest of AIG executives and wrapping crime scene tape around the New York Stock Exchange. In remarks to the audience afterward, Moore said that the police were called as he posted the yellow tape around the wrought iron of the exchange, and he feared he’d be run out before they had enough footage. But the first officer told him to take his time. “It’s OK Mike, these guys lost a billion dollars of our pension fund. Take as long as you like,” the officer told him.

[Some] scenes focused on the average Joes, watching the banks take their homes away.
“There’s got to be some kind of rebellion between people who’ve got nothing and people who’ve got it all,” one older man says as he loses his Peoria farm house.

Moore’s most compelling “get” also acts as a rallying point to counter the right’s ability to stir populist emotion. It is footage, long thought lost until Moore’s production staff found it, of Franklin D. Roosevelt in 1944 presenting what he called the “Second Bill of Rights,” guaranteeing economic security via jobs with a living wage, medical care and a home. Roosevelt said: “Unless there is security here at home, there cannot be lasting peace in the world.

Movie Trailer :


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