: Humble faith, in the age of Science

Religion In An Age Of Science | FaithInterface
Religious belief, just like scientific belief, is motivated understanding of the ways things are. Of course, a religious stance involves faith, just as a scientific investigating starts by commitment to the interrogation of the physical world from a chosen point of view.

Like science, a humble faith is … open to the possibility of correction, as God’s ways and will become more clearly known. In the setting of an Age of Science, attesting to Christian belief has to be motivated belief, based on evidence that I can point to. The centre of my faith lies in my encounter with the figure of Jesus Christ, as I meet him in the gospels, in the witness of the church and in the sacraments. Here is the heart of my Christian faith and hope. Yet, at a subsidiary but supportive level, there are also hints of God’s presence which arise from our scientific knowledge: science asks the question ‘How?’, but cannot answer ‘Why?', so that science by itself is found not to provide complete answers.
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