How Should We Live?

In my numerous discussions with atheists I’ve frequently encountered the charge that religion (viz, Christianity) is weak in its claims to hold “Truth”, whereas Science is very robust in that regard, because it uses more “rigorous” evidence and procedures in its quest for truth. Thus the (atheist) presumption that “science is everything” : scientific knowledge […]

Science != Atheism

Over at Open Parachute I’ve participated in some entertaining discussions, without wishing to preach or anything, out of pure interest in the faith/science interface. Religion and Science are both cultural artefacts, but there is an extreme form of atheism posing as ‘scientific’ that wants to assess the ‘validity’ of all fields of human endeavour [ed: […]

Mangling the Bible

The Antichrist Revealed! John Key has been Prophesised in the Word of God!! | The Dunedin School [SATIRE SATIRE SATIRE] The Word of God, the Bible, provides many descriptions of the Antichrist. The Bible tells us that, in the End Times, the Antichrist will ascend to dominion over the coming New World Order. He will […]