Mangling the Bible

The Antichrist Revealed! John Key has been Prophesised in the Word of God!! | The Dunedin School
[SATIRE SATIRE SATIRE] The Word of God, the Bible, provides many descriptions of the Antichrist. The Bible tells us that, in the End Times, the Antichrist will ascend to dominion over the coming New World Order. He will then begin his reign of terror, in which he will persecute the Church of the Saints.
It has become clear to some of us in recent months that this person has now revealed himself. So he must now be named and, although we believe he will do all in his power to suppress or discredit this information, we must bear a stong witness.
The Antichrist is John Key, Prime Minister of New Zealand. The Scriptures are clear. He who has ears, let him hear!
The Bible’s description of the Antichrist are in agreement with the facts of John Key’s life – on every point! This cannot be dismissed as mere coincidence!!
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The Jeebus Project | The Dim-Post
Tapu Misa has a column in the Herald about the Conservapedia project to rewrite the Bible:
[Conservapedia] has launched the Conservative Bible Project to produce a “fully conservative” translation of the Bible, expunged of what it calls “liberal wordiness” (because liberals apparently use a “high word-to-substance ratio”), “gender inclusive” language, and “socialistic words” like “comrade” and “labourer”. “Government”, it has decided, is a liberal word, whereas “volunteer” is a conservative one.
The Conservative Bible would exclude what it calls the “later-inserted liberal passages that are not authentic”, like the adulteress story, in which Jesus saves an adulteress from an angry mob, with the words, “Let him who is without sin cast the first stone”.
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