Noonan’s 911 prophecy (+ other stuff)

Peggy Noonan | | There Is No Time, There Will Be TimeWe live in such unprecedented comfort! But can it last?
Tuesday, September 18, 2001 12:01 A.M. EDT
(Editor's note: In the summer of 1998 Ms. Noonan wrote this essay for the magazine Forbes ASAP. It was published in the Nov. 30, 1998 issue, devoted to the subject of time–how we experience time, how modern men and women relate to it in ways that might be different from our predecessors. Ms. Noonan has received many requests for reprints since the events in New York the past week. She loves Forbes ASAP too but thought most of her readers were more likely to find it here.)
(tags: freaky, evil, prosperity, society)

Scott Hanselman's Computer Zen | 2009 Ultimate Developer and Power Users Tool List for Windows
Scott's annual list. Highlights are: Paint.NET, Fiddler, PowerShell, EverNote, 7-Zip, Sysinternals, HippoEdit (cool name), STORM (ws test tool), NirSoft Utils, FireBug/YSlow/JSLint, FileHelpers, MemProfiler, LogParser, SketchPath, RegEx Toolbox etc etc etc…

Missing in Action: Cygwin, PuTTYcyg / PuttyTray, gVim,, Firefox addins (adblock+, noscript, nosquint, resurrect pages, selenium, betterprivacy), IEPro, GIMP, WinRAR, WinSCP, SoapUI, XML Tidy, Eclipse Galileo (extensions SQL Explorer, SVN Explorer), VLC Player
(tags: geek)


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