Singing Kumbaya round the Atheist Campfire

Not really 🙂

He Lives: No schism here. Nothing to see. Please move along.
"Movement atheists" are in fact identified by dogma, at least by any other name. Among the credal claims:
* Science and religion are incompatible
* Science is the only way we know things
* Religion has a net negative impact on society
* Atheists should be outspoken
* Atheists are persecuted

Furthermore the movement atheists have requisite pejorative names for the apostate: Accomodationists. Appeasers. And Coyne's muddleheaded faitheists.

A set of core beliefs that distinguishes plain atheists from movement atheists. Name-calling—and even contests (such as Coyne held) to come up with a suitably derogatory term (faitheist) for atheists in the opposing camp. And a huge corpus of writings casting aspersions on those who challenge the creed.

Call it what you like–except schism. Because it's nothing like that.

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