American Heresies

This series describes how Evangelical Christianity in the USA has lost its way. The essay on Eschatology is particularly striking.

The Fire and the Rose: The Heresies of American Evangelicalism
The intention of this series was to examine the essential dogmatic loci as they are popularly articulated or implicitly understood in American evangelical churches. By no means have I exhausted every facet of the problem in each locus; instead I stuck to one major issue that seemed readily apparent. For example, I discussed the doctrine of the Trinity in Part II, but not the attributes of God or the doctrine of election, to name two other areas of importance. Much less have I have examined all of the loci worth addressing in such a series.

* Part I: Introduction
* Part II: The Doctrine of God — a less-than-fully triune God
* Part III: Christology — a docetic Christ
* Part IV: Soteriology — a pelagian soteriology
* Part V: Holy Scripture — a docetic-propositional Bible
* Part VI: Eschatology — a gnostic eschatology
* Part VII: Ecclesiology — nationalism, or depoliticized discipleship
(tags: church error)


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