Smoke Walk on the Water

A recent thread at ETH reminded me of a fun alternative lyric (by a defunct metal band called the Highwaymen) to an old Deep Purple number… please correct/improve this in the comments! We all came out to Capernaum By the Lake Galilee shoreline We had to feed five thousand, We didn’t have much time The […]

Flesh and Blood are GOOD

Christian history has grown increasingly divided and conflicted, flesh-hating, body-despising, woman-fearing, sexually neurotic, and earth ravaging – the litany of consequences of our failure to truly eat the flesh and drink the blood of the Son of Humanity is too long and too tragic to bear at times. [We have attempted to solve the mysteries […]

Dark Energy is weird.

Dark secrets of the universe by Marilyn Head | New Zealand Listener With each scientific discovery, the universe becomes even more shrouded in mystery. One of the great recent surprises in science is the discovery by Kirshner and his colleagues that the expansion of the universe is accelerating under the influence of a mysterious dark […]