Global Banking, Global Warming, Global Taxation

The following is an extract from The Distributist Review, a highly recommended economics blog.
The proper function of a bank is to put capital into the community. If x number of people have invested in a bank, and they find (as has always been the case) that people need only 10% of their money at a time, they make an investment on some kind of productive enterprise. This gains the bank a profit, and it was on a productive loan for something say such as mining or manufacturing. The fee they charge for the use of their money is just, it is a percentage of the profit earned with their productive loan. In that sense their money was capital, without which the productive venture could not have worked, and thus the bank has infused capital into the community.

Banking today by contrast takes capital out of the community, and then demands more from the government when they run out of money.

There is an interesting video produced by Alex Jones called “Fall of the Republic” that traces the work of globalism and the current globalist banking industry in creating the crises that grips us presently. The contributors to this documentary compare it to oligarchy, and demonstrate how the international elite function by that and force various policies to erode the rights of the general population.

The video also exposes the establishment of a world governing body of scientists who enforce the state doctrine of population control, family planning, social engineering and climate change.

The significance of global warming doctrine is that by identifying carbon dioxide as the evil which is “destroying the planet”, the world governing body will have the right to tax you and me for the right to breathe. This is essential to breaking down sovereignty and self government, which are so necessary to defending a society from control by an external force.

It also shows us many examples of how a police state is on the verge of being created, and (in my opinion) strongly makes the case for a hidden hand controlling Obama by demonstrating the numerous flip flops from his campaign promises of transparency and change and the reality of continuation of Bush policy, and has nothing at all to do with change.

The movie also has the benefit of not being partisan with respect to right and left, taking aim at both Obama and Bush and demonstrating continuity of Obama and Bush’s administrations. In reality of course (as it seems to me), there is total continuity of government since 1988.

The film, bringing us several contributors in the form of economists, climate scientists, researchers and bloggers, really hits the nail on the head of the present crisis. It is also aided by numerous video clips of the elites themselves telling us from their own mouths that accountability, sovereignty and freedom do not matter.

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