New Year Blessing: No Strings Attached!

  • Now as we go into this new year, those who hold pietistic views or promote a prosperity gospel will tell us that the challenge for 2010 is that we must “do something” for our lives to be more blessed. It’s time to step up our game as Christians so that God can work. They will challenge us to pray more, read our Bibles more, serve more in order to have a barn heaping full of God’s blessings. They will goad us to be more spiritually disciplined so that God can transform our lives. They will encourage us to plant seeds of faith in order to bring forth a harvest of blessings. They sell books of secrets and principles for obtaining blessings.
    In their view, “faith” is the key. But it is faith as a technique, a tool, a key that opens the way for God to work. It’s spiritual technology. Exercise faith (in whatever specific form being promoted), and God will be impressed and give us the blessing.

    They have it exactly backwards. More accurately, God has blessed us, therefore we believe.


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