Treaty is not working

  • It is indeed a pity we do not learn history at school. In my day we learnt of the Dane-geld, the tax imposed upon England to raise money to buy off the Danes, the Vikings, but which inevitably had the effect of encouraging the Danes, once they had seen how profitable this extortion was, to return again and again, breaking their word not to, to demand yet more tribute; and which led, eventually, to Danish invasion and subjection of all of England, which ended not all that long before 1066. Buying people off seldom works. Kipling wrote a poem about it, which a wiser generation often learnt by heart.
  • Dr. Muriel Newman: A Radical Agenda :
    Margaret Mutu – who holds a position of respect as a Professor of Maori Studies at Auckland University – is calling for the supremacy of Maori over non-Maori. By proposing that Pakeha become servants to Maori, Margaret Mutu is essentially promoting apartheid and in doing so is abusing the respect demanded by her academic position. She should not only be removed, but the Race Relations Commissioner should be investigating her racist calls.

    This situation, where a whole community (which includes many retired pensioners) is being intimidated by radical Maori bullies – who have stated that they intend to destroy the value of their properties – is completely unacceptible. Instead of pandering to such radicals by officially recognising the tino rangatiratanga flag, John Key and his Government should be drawing a line in the sand and sending out a clear message that such behaviour will not be tolerated.

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