From the cathedrals of christian reconstructionism, who gave us a new genre of pulp fiction called “Left Behind”, comes another silly piece of theocracy.. On the artist’s site, you can scroll over people and objects, and read his summary of the “symbolism”, such as

“U.S. Constitution: Inspired of God and created by God-fearing, patriotic Americans.”

Comment from Inhabitatio Dei:

But this is nothing. How about this real live church service from Cornerstone Church in Nashville in 2008, with Marines rapelling from the ceiling, giant flags on the stage and Oliver North giving the sermon.

There are various satires of the piece already…
jesus painting (obama-campaign-esque)

Or getting really nasty: One Nation Under Cthulhu!

3 thoughts on “Theocracy

  1. Christian reconstructionists are truly scary people.
    Awful, awful picture for too many reasons to mention.

    Yet, as an H.P Lovecraft fan from way back, at least it inspired the Cthulhu picture.

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