links for 2010-08-16

What would Jesus' Passion look like on facebook? Some updates from Jesus and his "friends" 🙂 Jesus is now offline. Peter is noticing that the sky is suddenly very dark, and things are getting a little bit freaky… Roman Soldier thinks we may have just made a big mistake. Pilate wrote on Roman Soldier's wall: […]

links for 2010-08-14

Not PC: A sporting dilemma Once upon a time in a land to the south of Auckland there was a small and plucky team called Counties, who attracted the support of folk like me who liked to support their local team, and liked to support a battler. They gave us a lot of fun over […]

links for 2010-08-10

He Lives: The Unreasonable Success of Physics "What is it about nature that lets this happen, that it is possible to guess from one part what the rest is going to do? That is an unscientific question: I do not know how to answer it, and therefore I am going to give an unscientific answer. […]

On the loss of a friend

Meditation XVII, by John Donne The church is Catholic, universal, so are all her actions; all that she does belongs to all. When she baptizes a child, that action concerns me; for that child is thereby connected to that body which is my head too, and ingrafted into that body whereof I am a member. […]

Ruby script: download document JPGs from ISSUU

Ian Wishart has released his excellent book ‘The Divinity Code‘ onto the wild woolly web. Sign up to issuu & download the document PDF now! HOWEVER sometimes publishers don’t give you a PDF. You can download the JPGs individually using laborious methods, but come on! You’re using a computer.. a machine that specialises in automating […]