links for 2010-08-14

  • Once upon a time in a land to the south of Auckland there was a small and plucky team called Counties, who attracted the support of folk like me who liked to support their local team, and liked to support a battler. They gave us a lot of fun over the years (NPC win in 1979; two Grand Finals in 1996 and 1997) , and also a lot of heartache (demotion; relegation; last-minute Ranfurly Shield losses) but never a Ranfurly Shield win.

    And then, at the start of the professional era, our team was taken away from us. The dismemberment began between that Grand Final of 1997 and the Super 14 final of the next year, when the Auckland Blues played Canterbury’s Crusaders, a final which ended with eight Counties players on one side and seven on the other, and a stand full of Counties fans with no idea who to cheer for

    (tags: rugby)

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