links for 2011-03-17

Pivotal Tracker: The iPod of project management software … 10 reasons I like Tracker. 1) It’s free. 2) It’s hosted. 3) It’s a joy to use. It’s the iPod of project management software. It’s all drag-and-drop and clickity-clack and it just works. 4) It’s multi-user. Your co-founder in North Korea can make changes in Tracker […]

links for 2011-03-10

Scrum for One Scrumming Solo: the idea of Scrum is, I think, very applicable to our personal lives. The whole point is, through a process of constant self-awareness, to identify what’s holding us back, how we can work around it, and where the next few days or weeks should take us. Consider, then, “Scrum for […]