There is a seriously paranoid subculture within Christianity that rejects science and embraces conspiracy theories in order to support a naive literal reading of the book of Genesis wherein the Earth is only 6000 years old, Noah’s Flood was a global deluge, and man walked with dinosaurs. No wonder Colin Craig is confused about climate change, chemtrails and moon landings (satire is hardly needed in this case). 

Young-Earth creationists actually embrace a philosophy that says nothing can be known about the world around us.

Appearances and measurements lie. Trees lie. Carbon lies. Bones lie. The stars in the heavens lie. And nothing at all can be trusted from what we deceive ourselves into imagining we’re learning from observation, study, experiment and measurement.

Their claim is even more audacious than that. It has to be. They want to say that they’re only disputing the honesty of “science,” but if that were the case, then we could easily test their claim by, say, switching on the light or looking at this page on the Internet. Science seems to work. And thus the epistemological anarchists of young-Earth creationism cannot simply be asserting the unreliability of science, they must also assert the unreliability of seeming. If a universe that seems ancient is not ancient, then both the universe and our seeming must be lying. Nothing we think we see, hear, touch or measure can be trusted. Nothing can be known.[…]

These folks are demonstrably untrustworthy when it comes to their claims about the universe. It seems unwise, then, to regard them as wholly trustworthy when it comes to their claims about the Bible. It seems far likelier that their approach to the Bible is as reliable, thoughtful and defensible as their approach to the universe is — which is to say not at all.

Facebook interaction with a Young-Earther

(My comment, 1 December 2013):

Teaching that “evolution is contrary to the Bible” is a roadblock preventing intelligent people who understand science from coming to faith in Christ. Creationist claims have been debunked time and again (see ), but outfits like AIG/ICR continue to spread errors and misconceptions. This is not the message of the Gospel!

(Creationist reply, 2 December 2013):

Sorry Rob you obviously are brain washed and didn’t do your studies enough, otherwise you would know that creationists are scientists too and aren’t an embassment. that evolutionists arguments have been debunked far more than creationists. True science matches up with what the Bible says not the other way round. I think you are in error, and seriously doubt your faith.

I was subsequently blocked from further conversation and could not retrieve the comments I had made critiquing the creationist’s propaganda… lots of weird stuff about dragons and dinosaurs and how evolution has ‘collapsed’ or something. A sad case of the Dunning-Kruger effect, I’m afraid, exemplified by a basic misunderstanding and even suspicion of how science is done.