Our Reptilian Overlord

Wonkette: New Zealand Prime Minister claims he’s not a lizard person, which is exactly what lizard people would say

Some of the weirder comments:

# Key said, “I have no more comment on this matter. Now I have some basking to do.”

# As Key turned to walk from the podium, he caught an errant fly in mid-air with his tongue before scurrying up the wall and into an air vent.

# Well, when writer/musician/jokester Shane Warbrooke (really?) is found face-down in a ditch, killed by a kind of venom heretofore unknown to mankind, it will be far too late to worry then…

# BTW, John Key is a lassez-faire capitalist and climate change skeptic, only pulled leftward in recent years on that second point by the fact that his nation has pulled in that direction in recent years [WTF?!]

I guess compared to teabaggers, gun nuts, and the corporate crony infested White House you might say that. But we can reasonably infer that our bankster PM made his 50 million by attacking the NZ dollar in the late 80s, causing huge damage to the economy. He’s following the neocon playbook and making it much easier for his corporate pals and giant banks to extract as much wealth as possible from the 99% of suckers. Goofy antics like this lizard joke are the mask of the smiling assassin.


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