RE: iMonk’s story about his Dad

Classic iMonk: The Boat in the Backyard | This classic post that Michael Spencer wrote in 2004 tells the intimate story of a father’s depression and a boy who finally understands. When I was twelve years old, my father bought a small aluminum boat, just enough for two people to use for fishing in […]

RE: Shakespearean Lebowski

Two Gentlemen of Lebowski WOO: Rise, and speak wisely, man—but hark; I see thy rug, as woven i’the Orient, A treasure from abroad. I like it not. I’ll stain it thus; ever thus to deadbeats. [He stains the rug] THE KNAVE: Sir, prithee nay! BLANCHE: Now thou seest what happens, Lebowski, when the agreements of […]

Treaty is not working

Breaking Views: David Round: Is the Treaty of Waitangi Holding New Zealand Back? It is indeed a pity we do not learn history at school. In my day we learnt of the Dane-geld, the tax imposed upon England to raise money to buy off the Danes, the Vikings, but which inevitably had the effect of […]