From the cathedrals of christian reconstructionism, who gave us a new genre of pulp fiction called “Left Behind”, comes another silly piece of theocracy.. On the artist’s site, you can scroll over people and objects, and read his summary of the “symbolism”, such as “U.S. Constitution: Inspired of God and created by God-fearing, patriotic Americans.” […]

Capitalism goes “Boink”. Michael Moore (filmmaker) is brilliant. Not to be confused with the (not very Hon) Mike Moore, WTO guy

Extract from Variety: Michael Moore’s “Capitalism”: Stirring Outrage from the Left , emphasis added. “Capitalism” is like a sequel to “Roger & Me” in that Moore’s message is that what happened in Flint, Michigan, twenty years ago is now happening across the country: Companies shutting down plants, scaling back wages and laying off workers, all […]

USA is going crazy.

Rick Santelli vented a forceful and furious rant against Obama’s multi-trillion stimulus package — many people suspect it will only cause further distortions in a deeply troubled economy, and the only realistic solution is to let people suffer the consequences of vast overspending. Anything else is just an attempt to defy the law of gravity. […]