links for 2011-09-06

Prosperity to Regression Stunning graphic from the NYTimes shows how the US middle class was hollowed out over the last 30 years. The Great Prosperity, 1947-1979: productivity growth of 119% correlated to strong growth in wages and overall compensation for all workers. The Great Regression, 1980-Present: productivity growth of 80% was accompanied by almost STATIC […]

links for 2011-07-30

My son, the 'American Taleban', is innocent John Phillip Walker Lindh, my son, was raised a Roman Catholic, but converted to Islam when he was 16 years old. He has an older brother and a younger sister. John is scholarly and devout, devoted to his family, and blessed with a powerful intellect, a curious mind, […]

links for 2011-05-04

Self-Organizing Agile Teams: A Grounded Theory Self-organizing teams are a hallmark of Agile software development, directly affecting team effectiveness and project success. Agile software development, and in particular the Scrum method, emphasizes self-organizing teams but does not provide clear guidelines on how teams should become and remain self-organizing. Based on Grounded Theory research involving 58 […]

links for 2011-04-08

Slashdot: Is Science Just a Matter of Faith? Faith gave us jihad, crusade, and inquisition. Science gave us mustard gas, involuntary sterilization, and nuclear weapons. Faith gave us international charities that feed starving children. Science gave us clean water. Gregor Mendel was a Christian monk. Muhammed ibn Musa al-Khwarizmi was a devout Muslim. Oppenheimer did […]